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Want To Know More About Dental Procedures?

Please continue reading. Teeth Whitening Procedure Teeth are normally white but they darken due to various foods and beverages we take inThese include berries, coffee, and black teaCigarettes and even medical drugs can also cause the discoloration of your teethFortunately, there is a dental procedure that can restore teeth to their natural color. To whiten the teeth, dentists will use a peroxide-based chemical to remove the stain and discolorationThis is the most popular dental procedure since it’s purely cosmetic and painless. Repairing Teeth through Fillings A cracked or broken tooth or teeth constantly used for nail-biting or tooth grinding can cause painful tooth traumaTooth decay is also a common problem today but the dentist can make it go away possibly through the use of fillingsThe procedure begins by locating the source of the toothacheVarious detection methods such as X-rays or laser fluorescence, dye, and other aids are employed to locate the cavityThere are also several kinds of filling materials that the dentist can use to repair your tooth.

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